Oral Surgery – Coppell, TX

An Advanced Way to Improve Oral Health

The expertise of your regular dentist is more than enough to handle a wide number of oral health problems, but there are many issues that require a surgeon’s touch. Dr. Steele is regarded as being among the best of the best in the field of oral surgery, and he is skilled in performing many different procedures. On this page, you can learn a bit more about some of the services he offers at Steele Dental; call us if you’d like to set up a consultation to discuss your options for oral surgery in Coppell, TX.

Why Choose Steele Dental for Oral Surgery?

  • Complimentary Evaluations and Panoramic X-rays
  • Surgeon that Explains Every Step of the Process
  • Excellent Customer Service and Advanced Technology

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Woman receiving wisdom tooth extractions during oral surgery visit

Wisdom teeth that manage to erupt without any problems don’t need to be removed. However, in many cases, the mouth is just too small to accommodate any more teeth, and as a result, the wisdom teeth end up causing pain and inconvenience. We can identify problematic wisdom teeth and then remove them via surgery to stop the pain that they’re causing. Call us if anyone in your family has been experiencing jaw pain and is around the age where wisdom teeth usually come in.

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Bone Grafting

Animated smile with bone grafting

Many people who are planning to undergo dental implant surgery will first need to complete a bone grafting procedure. The grafting material is applied to parts of the jaw where bone tissue has broken down, encouraging the body to create new bone tissue in that area. Thus, when we’re ready to begin the implant surgery, there will be plenty of bone for the post to join with. The graft material can be taken from your own body or from a donor based on your needs.

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Sinus Lifts

Animated smile with dental implant placed after sinus lift

The sinus cavity is located close to your upper back teeth, and consequently, they might get in the way of dental implant surgery in that area, especially if bone loss has occurred. A sinus lift is a procedure that corrects two problems at once: it restores lost bone tissue, and it moves the sinus cavity away from the surgical area.

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Surgical Tooth Extraction

Patient receiving surgical tooth extraction

Tooth extraction doesn’t always require surgery. Sometimes it’s as simple as loosening the tooth and gently pulling it free. However, you may need a surgical extraction if the tooth is impacted (meaning it has completely failed to break through the gum tissue) or if it has broken off to a point where it can’t be removed with conventional methods. After an efficient extraction, we can also help you with the step of replacing it.