Dental Implant Failure & Salvage – Coppell, TX

Giving Your New Smile Another Chance

Dr. J. Darrell Steele is a trusted oral surgeon who understands the potential risks that can come with dental implant placement. Although highly skilled and trained to administer this type of treatment in-house, he knows there are many factors that can lead to a failed dental implant in Coppell that are out of his control. Fortunately, he has a solution that works to save even the newest smile – dental implant salvage. Using advanced dental technology and proven techniques, he can restore permanent prosthetics for a chance at a longer-lasting lifespan. If you need assistance to address a failed dental implant, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Why Do Dental Implants Fail?

Failed dental implant in Coppell

When preparing to receive dental implants, you should understand that the chances of experiencing possible implant failure are very rare. When placed by a skilled and well-trained implant dentist in Coppell, you are far more likely to move through the process with no problems at all.

However, the leading causes of dental implant failure are due to the following:

  • Peri-implantitis
  • A weakened immune system caused by autoimmune disorders or health conditions
  • Improper placement during surgery
  • Facial trauma
  • Failed osseointegration

The most common of all those mentioned is peri-implantitis. Similar to gum disease, it can develop when an individual exhibits poor oral hygiene, allowing bacteria to accumulate and attack the soft oral tissues surrounding the implant. Over time, it can begin to destroy gum tissue, nearby teeth, and bone, causing the implant to loosen and potentially fall out.

Symptoms of Failed Dental Implants

Man with tooth pain in Coppell

To know whether you are suffering from a failed dental implant, it’s important that you be able to recognize the symptoms, some of which include:

  • A loose dental implant
  • Pus forming on the gums near the dental implant
  • Difficulty eating or biting down
  • Swelling or bleeding near your dental implant
  • Discomfort that doesn’t dissipate after your implant surgery but increases

How Dental Implant Salvage Works

Woman after treatment in Coppell

There are a few different ways an oral surgeon can address a failed dental implant. Depending on the reason for the problem, the appropriate course of action will be taken.

If peri-implantitis is to blame, there is a possibility that we can perform periodontal therapy to rid the mouth of bad oral bacteria and improve gum tissue. But we may also need to perform a bone graft should there be less jawbone density in the area surrounding the implant. We will try to do this without removing the implant post.

If the underlying cause of your problem is due to failed osseointegration, facial trauma, or a weakened immune system, we may need to remove the implant post and allow the area to fully heal before discussing replacement options. Your body will need time to recover. If you are suffering from a chronic health condition, you’ll likely need to meet with your physician to discuss ways to better manage your overall health before attempting to receive dental implants in Coppell again.

To give your smile a chance at a longer life, we’ll need to implement dental implant salvage. This can look different for every patient solely because of the reason for your failed dental implant. If peri-implantitis is to blame, periodontal disease therapy will be provided to eradicate bad bacteria. If the bone is severely damaged as a result of the peri-implantitis, we may also need to perform a bone grafting procedure.

However, if facial trauma or failed osseointegration occurs, we may be required to remove the dental implant, allow the bone and tissues to fully heal, and then attempt to reinsert a new dental implant in the vacated socket.