Top 4 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

ImplantImproved Quality of Life.They will make your smile look like new again so you can feel confident in your ability to eat, laugh, and live without worrying about your dentures or missing teeth.
Ball Retained DentureSecure Comfort. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone where they integrate with the bone. You will never have to worry about messy denture pastes or creams again! Your implants won't move or slip so you can live a normal life!
DenturesPreserve Facial Shape and Jawbone Integrity. Bone loss in the jaw occurs almost immediately after loosing a tooth. Without the root to stimulate it, the jawbone will eventually dissolve to a point where the cheeks and lips are no longer supported. This can cause an aged, shrunken appearance. Implants preserve bone and help maintain facial integrity.
Man RelaxingHealthy Teeth Are Unaffected. Bridges require the grinding down of health adjacent teeth and can often be uncomfortable to wear. Implants will not affect healthy teeth and can actually help prevent further tooth loss due to jaw bone deterioration.

Extraction of a Wisdom Tooth in Coppell, TX

Before you schedule your wisdom tooth extraction with Dr. J. Darrell Steele, he will discuss any preparatory instructions, such as whether or not you can take prescription medications or supplements in the days leading up to surgery, if you may eat or drink liquids on the day of the procedure, and if you will need to take antibiotics. This type of information will be covered in your consultation for oral surgery on wisdom teeth. For Coppell, TX patients, Dr. Steele performs tooth extractions in the comfort of our office.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

Wisdom tooth extractions can be performed with sedation ranging from local anesthesia to IV sedation, depending upon the anxiety level of the patient and the condition of their wisdom teeth. In any case, the procedure will be performed in the office and you will be allowed to go home the same day, although you will need someone to drive you.

Once you are comfortable, Dr. Steele will make an incision in the gums to gain access and visibility to your tooth. If any bone is covering the tooth, he will remove it as well. Dr. Steele will then remove the tooth either in its entirety with tooth extraction forceps or by breaking it up into sections, if necessary. During the procedure, you may feel a slight pressure upon your teeth but you should not experience any pain.

Once the tooth is removed, the treatment site is rinsed clean and the site is closed with sutures. Dr. Steele will then place gauze over the sutures and will instruct you to bite down on it to encourage the formation of a blood clot. Depending upon the type of sedation that you were given, you may need to rest at the office until the anesthetic wears off.

To learn more about how Dr. Steele performs oral surgery on wisdom teeth for Coppell, TX, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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