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After Wisdom Tooth Extraction
in Coppell, Texas

After your wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. J. Darrell Steele will provide you with a set of instructions that should be followed to reduce your risk of complications following oral surgery on wisdom teeth.

After Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Coppell, Texas

For Coppell, Texas, Dr. Steele regularly performs tooth extractions and advises patients to:

  • Use cold compresses to the side of the face that was affected by the procedure during the first 48 hours. Do not, however, place them directly onto the skin. A bag of frozen peas or an ice pack wrapped in cloth will work nicely.
  • Avoid brushing and flossing of the treatment area immediately after your tooth extraction. Dr. Steele may provide you with a medicated oral rinse or suggest warm salt water rinses.
  • Refrain from touching the treatment site.
  • Avoid exercise for at least 48 hours following tooth extractions, as it may increase the blood flow to the surgical site.
  • If you have been prescribed a pain medication, take it as soon as you feel the anesthetic wearing off to ward off greater discomfort.
  • You should adhere to a soft food diet to avoid disturbing the treatment site and to prevent pain and discomfort.
  • Do not smoke in the days following surgery. It can cause a painful condition known as dry socket.

What Should I Expect After My Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You may experience some bleeding, swelling, discomfort, or discoloration following wisdom tooth extractions. These are all perfectly normal physical reactions to the surgery. Bleeding can be controlled by biting down on gauze pads and limiting physical activity, while swelling may be managed with ice packs.

Any discomfort may be reduced with Tylenol or ibuprofen tablets, taken every four to six hours. For more severe pain, prescription medication may be taken.

Dr. Steele performs oral surgery on wisdom teeth for Coppell, Texas patients. If you have had a tooth extraction at our office and are experiencing severe or unexplainable symptoms, call our office to alert Dr. Steele and receive further instructions.

Dr. J. Darrell Steele, an oral surgeon in Coppell, Texas, serves patients from Grapevine, Carrollton, Lewisville, and Irving. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our office and encourage you to schedule your appointment today!

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Jaya J.
Google 5 stars review
5 star review, Dental office in Coppell, Texas

Jaya J.

I recently got my wisdom tooth extraction surgery done by Dr. Steele. He did a fantastic job. He patiently listened to all my concerns and addressed them in detail. His staff were very kind. I would definitely recommend Dr. Steele.
Natalie F.
Google 5 stars review
5 star review, Dental office in Coppell, Texas

Natalie F.

Dr. Steele gave great feedback! Very knowledgeable! Made me feel good about removing my wisdom teeth! Highly recommend for OS!
Dawn A.
Google 5 stars review
5 star review, Dental office in Coppell, Texas

Dawn A.

Dr. Steele is the best dentist I have seen in years!!! I care for an elderly woman who was in need of an extraction and he was so gentle and caring. She healed quickly and had no side effects. I highly recommend Dr. Steele!
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