Top 4 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

ImplantImproved Quality of Life.They will make your smile look like new again so you can feel confident in your ability to eat, laugh, and live without worrying about your dentures or missing teeth.
Ball Retained DentureSecure Comfort. Implants are surgically placed in the jaw bone where they integrate with the bone. You will never have to worry about messy denture pastes or creams again! Your implants won't move or slip so you can live a normal life!
DenturesPreserve Facial Shape and Jawbone Integrity. Bone loss in the jaw occurs almost immediately after loosing a tooth. Without the root to stimulate it, the jawbone will eventually dissolve to a point where the cheeks and lips are no longer supported. This can cause an aged, shrunken appearance. Implants preserve bone and help maintain facial integrity.
Man RelaxingHealthy Teeth Are Unaffected. Bridges require the grinding down of health adjacent teeth and can often be uncomfortable to wear. Implants will not affect healthy teeth and can actually help prevent further tooth loss due to jaw bone deterioration.

Botox® Injections Performed by a Dental Cosmetic Surgeon in Coppell, TX

As we age, repeated frowning and furrowing of the brow muscles often creates permanent creases around our eyes. While it is possible to correct these unattractive lines with cosmetic eye surgery, Botox® is a non-surgical option with no downtime. Dr. J. Darrell Steele, a dental cosmetic surgeon in Coppell, TX, offers Botox® to restore youthful skin and refresh tired eyes.

Botox® can improve the look of a furrowed brow, frown lines, or crow’s feet. Many patients, both men and women, request Botox® to soften the horizontal creases in the forehead.

How Does Botox® Work?

Botox® paralyzes the muscles that are responsible for creating the deep lines, allowing the skin to become smooth without the need for cosmetic eye surgery. The results of Botox® can be seen within seven to ten days and typically last from three months, though repeated use of Botox® has shown longer lasting results.

What to Expect at Your Appointment for Botox®

Botox® injections cause only mild discomfort and can be performed using topical anesthetic cream or even nitrous oxide gas. Dr. Steele may use a cold compress to slightly numb the surface of your skin to lessen the sensation. The entire session may take 15 to 20 minutes, depending upon the treatment site.

You may experience redness and slight bruising at the treatment site. Dr. Steele will caution you not to massage the area that has been injected, as it may cause the Botox® to spread to other areas. You will begin to notice a subtle smoothing of the lines within a week but will still retain the ability to express yourself with a frown or a smile. Dr. Steele places Botox® conservatively to ensure a natural yet improved appearance.
Schedule Your Consultation for Botox® and experience it the same day.

To learn more about how you may look more refreshed using simple injections, contact our office to schedule your consultation with our dental cosmetic surgeon in Coppell, TX. Dr. Steele can help you to determine if Botox® is right for you.

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